Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas installation by Lost Boys International

Why not celebrate the fact that it's christmas by creating a big Christmas-carol-playing mobile?
The Mobile Mobile installation is created by London agency Lost Boys International who decided to turn a company mobile phone upgrade into a giant Christmas themed recycling project - now on display in their lobby. Mobile phones hanging from the ceiling are assigned an individual tone and connected to computers that call them up when activated.
The result: Whenever the installation is tweeted the mobile ringtone orchestra plays Choir of the Bells. Or, you can play your own Christmas jingle live in their lobby by using your computer keyboard. Pretty cool!

MediaBeat interview with Nick Law

Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer at R/GA (they have among other things done the interactive NIKEiD platform), shares his views on future advertising trends. He talks about how social media and platform building will play a bigger role in the advertising landscape in 2010. Law also points out that it's going to be more and more about maintaining ongoing relationships with customers than it is about broadcasting a message. This means that brands will have to focus more on fitting into people's daily lives and their individual media rhythms in order to engage with them in the digital space.

Via psfk