Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Top 100 social brands of 2009

Social marketing agency Vitrue has published a list over what they call the most social brands of 2009. By most social they mean the brands that get talked about the most on social media sites. To determine this they have created a tool called Social Media Index which counts the times a brand is shared through social networks, images or videos. The list doesn't say anything about the quality or success of social media campaigns. Or about whether the social buzz is positive or negative for that matter, but I still think it's interesting to see what people are talking about out there on the social web.

Top 10:

1. iPhone
2. Disney
3. CNN
4. MTV
5. MBA
6. iTunes
7. Wii
8. apple
9. Xbox
10. Nike

Check out the rest at The Vitrue 100

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