Friday, 14 August 2009

New stuff from Hi-ReS!

One of my favorite web design agencies Hi-ReS! has done a new really great campaign for The Economist.

Ever since I came across the Hi-ReS! designed site for the movie Donnie Darko I have been a fan of the way they use sound to create atmosphere and their ability to construct interesting little universes for the users to explore.

And the Thinking Space campaign they have created for The Economist is no different. It’s a 3D site showcasing the thinking spaces of a selection of creative thinkers like Spotify founder Daniel Ek and Georgia Tagliette who’s the head of International Media and PR at the Sónar Festival.

First of all, I think the design is exceptional. The 3D layout is so convincingly executed that you want to keep exploring the site and see the different spaces assemble and dissolve.

But the content is very interesting as well. I love the way you get a glimpse of these interesting peoples’ workspaces and thought processes, and the narrative voices give it such a personal touch.

It’s very clever how they make you see The Economist through the eyes of these interesting people, and how it almost becomes a peer to peer recommendation instead of an advertising campaign. I wasn’t really interested in The Economist before, but now that certain sections of the magazine come recommended by the founder of De-Bug Magazine Mercedes Bunz, I might give it a read.

More advertising like this Please!

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